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Golden Eagles Soccer Camps

Camp Details

General Information
For parents staying in Siloam Springs during the camp, please visit for lodging and dining options.

Cancellations & Refunds
Refund may be granted with written request by a participant or his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s).  There will be a $25 cancellation for day campers (July 24-25 campers) or a $60 cancellation for the residential camp (July 25-27 campers), in addition to forfeiting the registration fee.

To cancel your registration, please contact camp administrators at  Any cancellation initiated within 24 hours of registering for the camp will receive a full refund, minus the online registration fee.  If the camp is canceled due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstance, a full refund will be provided.  Neither Golden Eagles Soccer Camp nor John Brown University can be held responsible for any change or cancellation charges required by airlines, travel agencies, or other institutions.

Athletic Physicals & Insurance Waivers
Campers are required to have a current physical to participate in camp.  A physical must have been completed within one year of the start date of camp.  A copy of the current physical must be turned in prior to the camp in order for each camper to participate.  Each camper must also complete and submit an Insurance Waiver before participating in camp (see following link).

Insurance Cards
Campers must submit a front and back copy of their insurance cards.

Registration and Payment
Click the 'Register Online' button on our website. We accept major credit cards, and the charge will appear on your credit card statement as My Online Camp. Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirming your registration and a receipt of your purchase.

Housing and Meals
Residential campers will stay in either Hutcheson Hall or Northslope Apartments. On the JBU campus.  The cost of camp (residential price only) includes all-you-can-eat breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by Creative Dining Services at John Brown University.

Travel - Flights & Personal Vehicles
The Golden Eagles Soccer Camp will provide transportation to and from the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) on a prearranged basis.  To arrange a pickup, please contact  Arrangements must be made no later than Friday, June 21st.

Personal vehicles are allowed on campus for Day and Residential Campers.  However, if participants must drive to camp they must leave their cars parked in designated parking lots and will not have access to the car during camp (excluding emergency and with staff permission).  This is for the safety and supervision of all campers.

Camp Rules
The staff will explain camp rules on the first day to ensure that all campers remain safe and under reasonable supervision of camp staff. Any violations of Camp Rules will lead to an immediate dismissal from the camp. No refunds are offered to campers who are removed for violation of camp rules.

Training and Activities
Each participant is required to attend all camp activities and is expected to arrive on time to each designated location. Participants may not leave campus during camp except with an approved parent or guardian or in the event of an emergency.  Should an emergency occur that requires a participant to leave campus for attention, such camper will be accompanied by a designated member of the camp staff.

Lights Out
Campers are expected to be in their rooms by 11:30pm with lights out. Staff members will conduct room checks each night to ensure safety for all of the campers. Camp Staff will be living in the building during the camp, and Campus Security is available 24 hours a day.

Cell Phones / Calling Home
Cell phones are permitted during the camp. However, phones are not to be used during sessions, matches, or meetings.

Laws & Standards
Participants are expected to obey every law governing our land and uphold the standards of good citizenship.  This includes laws regarding illegal substances, stealing, shoplifting or physically hurting others.  The Golden Eagles Soccer Camp also maintains a very strict NO TOLERANCE policy on bullying, hazing, and any other form of physical, mental or psychological abuse.

Athletic Trainers
There will be a certified Athletic Trainer present at all training sessions.

Spectators & Parents
Spectators and parents are welcome to watch training sessions and matches but are asked to do so in a respectful manner.  We ask that all parents, guardians and other outside individuals simply spectate!  These persons are allowed in the dorms between check-in on Day 1 and check-out at the end of the camp.  If a parent needs to speak with a camper, please notify Brenton Benware directly at: 828.713.6514.  These requests exists for the safety and overall well-being of our campers.

Camp Store
There will be a camp store in the dorms open during the evenings.  Campers may purchase food and JBU soccer gear.  Our camp store can only accept cash purchases.

What To Bring - Residential Camp

  • Plenty of soccer clothing for practice sessions
  • Rain jacket or poncho
  • Twin bed sheets, blanket (or sleeping bag) and pillow
  • Bath towels and toiletries
  • Soccer ball – REQUIRED
  • Shin-guards – REQUIRED
  • Cleats – REQUIRED
  • Running shoes (for potential indoor sessions) – REQUIRED
  • Sunscreen & bug repellant
  • Alarm Clock – REQUIRED
  • Cash for the camp store
  • Small soccer bag / backpack to carry gear to and from field
  • Goalkeepers – Long-sleeve jersey / shirt and GK gloves
  • If you normally get your ankles taped for sessions, please bring your own athletic tape